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Extreme Flood Reminds Australia of the 2019 Monsoonal Floods

Extreme Flood Reminds Australia of the 2019 Monsoonal Floods


Extreme Flood Reminds Australia of the 2019 Monsoonal Floods

After the 155 mm of rainfall between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in western Queensland, flooding occurred and many highways were shutdown. One grazer in the north-west is concerned that the downpour may lead to a rerun of the 2019 monsoonal floods. Deborah Smith of Limbri Downs reports that 128mm of rain fell between 5:30 and 9 a.m. “When it rains, this country becomes really boggy,” Ms Smith explained. “This type of storm is unusual for us. It will wipe out a lot of land that hasn’t had much grass due to the drought over the last ten years.” Even though Ms Smith’s creek is overflowing, she believes that more rain is required, albeit in smaller, more manageable amounts.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Forrest, who owns the Longreach property Oakley, says her family is overjoyed after receiving 124mm early Wednesday morning, the most in 13 years. Mrs Forrest stated, “My husband couldn’t believe it.” “We were talking with our girls — they’re 16 and 19 now — and we think the last time we saw that much rain, they were about five.” Indeed, the land has never had grass that is higher than ankle height.

Consequences of the Flood

Queensland Police confirmed one person had drowned after his vehicle became submerged in flood waters at Kanigan, Wide Bay on Friday night. Police and emergency services responded to reports of a utility vehicle being swept off the road on Cherry Tree Road near the Bruce Highway about 7.30pm. The driver, a 22-year-old Sunshine Coast man, was found inside the vehicle on Saturday morning. No one else was in the car at the time.

Police had been called to rescue 23 people in 11 vehicles. Eight of those were now safe, but the remaining 15 people were unaccounted for with rescue crews unable to access many areas. The RACQ Lifeflight helicopter released vision of it winching a family of three to safety from the second storey of their flooded home in Wide Bay, after they were trapped by the rising flood waters.

Elsewhere, there were reports of a woman and her dog being rescued from the flood waters outside Bundaberg, on Bingera Siding Road. The flood is being categorised as one that is not only destructive but catastrophic in nature.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)