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Cut Flowers Production in Australia (2020)

Cut Flowers Production in Australia (2020)


Cut Flowers Production in Australia (2020)


Australia is a nation where cut flowers are found in abundance. These flowers are grown at all times of the year, with an elevation during Valentine’s Day in February and Mother’s Day in May. Moreover, a smaller peak may be witnessed in December for Christmas. Furthermore, the production of these flowers occurs in high tech glasshouses, outdoor fields and lower-tech protected cropping. The lovely Wattle Flower or Golden Wattle, is the national flower of Australia. This flower has a cheery saffron hue and it’s known by the scientific name. The majority of these flowers are grown in the Australian state of Victoria.


As of June 2020:

  • The wholesale value of the fresh supply was $293 million, while the value of the total production rang in at $385.3 million.

Major Cut Flower Production Areas

They are majorly discovered in the southern states of Australia. Some of the states that are popular for growing cut flowers are Wimmera, along with the Melbourne Region of Victoria, the regions of the Central Coast and Northern Rivers in New South Wales, the South East of Queensland and the Perth region in Western Australia.

Cut Flower International Trade

Australia is a nation that is a net importer of flowers. Nonetheless, a small number of exports occur every year. The international trade that is carried out is majorly represented in terms of value, rather than volume. This is due to the inconsistencies in the manner in which trade data volume is recorded.

As of 2020, Australia has exported $8.4 million worth of flowers, however, this figure does not count those in the pandemic. On the contrary, this nation has imported $74.2 million of flowers. Thus, the imports can be counted in the negative tonnes.

At the end of June 2020, approximately 33% of flowers were exported to Japan, while the Netherlands received 23% of these flowers.