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Table Grapes Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

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Table Grapes Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Introduction Table grapes are popular all throughout Australia. Because of this, they are grown across all states in the nation. Due to the labour shortage situation amidst the pandemic, Victorian producers are forced to admit that the upcoming season may be tumultuous due to the weather change and labour shortage. it is crucial to pick […]


Avocado Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)

Introduction Avocados were first brought into Australia in 1840. They were planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens. After this event, commercial imports of seeds and plants continued to flourish over the upcoming 110 years. It was at this point in time that an Australian industry began to take shape and develop. If the current scenario […]


Apple Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)

Introduction to Apples Apple trees are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. Moreover, there are more than 7.5000 cultivators that work with this fruit. Usually, this fruit is consumed for their sweetness. However, they are also utilized to make and cook cider. As history states, the tree was originally established in Asia. […]


Mango Industry Witnesses Huge Domestic Potential

According to the latest agricultural reports, the Chief Executive of the Mango Industry Association (AMIA) is looking forward to acting upon the intense demand for the mango fruit. Since this fruit is quite popular with the locals, there lies a great opportunity to boost the economy with the selling of it. As the experts opine, […]


Safeguarding Australia’s Citrus Industry

Researchers have identified an Australian strain of fungus that causes citrus rot, calling for effective controls to protect the citrus industry A dark mark on the skin can detract from these positive associations, and many consumers will be put off buying them. A dark, tear-shaped mark is often a sign of the fungal disease anthracnose, […]


Australian Banana Industry Scouring for Opportunities

The Australian banana industries are presently searching for opportunities that will help them get their profits back on track. Moreover, these newfound opportunities will also aid to grow the future of the fruit industry. Hari Yellina, owner of Orchard Tech, opines that there are several new avenues open for the banana industry to gain back […]


All Focus is on Victoria’s Weather System

Even though the north-east is all set, there has been a great focus on the weather conditions in Victoria. District has picked up enough rain to bring up crops, the state’s traditional grain growing regions in the Wimmera / Mallee remain bone dry. In spite of the lack of rain farmers through the north-west have […]


Cyclone Seroja Causes Vegetable Shortage

Broome in West-Australia has become a victim of cyclone Seroja, as supermarket shelves there are bare of fresh produce. Although Broome lies more than 1,300 km from the Seroja’s epicentre in Kalbarri, it has suffered from restricted freight movements due to flooded roads in the Pilbara and Kimberley. Supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths have promised […]


A Flourishing Persimmon Season Amidst the Pandemic

The season of persimmons commenced mid-march in the state of Victoria. It is predicted that it will run up until the middle of May. According to experts in the industry, the crop is looking better than ever. Since the rainfall was steady and the weather conditions were pleasant, the fruits blossomed into an awesome colour. […]


Annual Wrap Up of Fresh Produce Amidst COVID 19

Trends in Fresh Produce during COVID 19 Total grocery sales reached a three-year high during COVID 19 with fresh categories taking out the top five growth contributors. Grocery was the beneficiary of increased at home consumption to the detriment of food service. Bigger baskets, increased frequency and an increase in the repertoire of shops visited […]