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Case Tractor Turned into Simulator 22 Controller

Case Tractor Turned into Simulator 22 Controller


Case Tractor Turned into Simulator 22 Controller

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)

A New Zealand video gamer has taken a farming video game to a new level by converting a tractor into a game controller. New Zealand’s Rudeism (Dylan Beck) wired up a fully functioning Case IH Magnum 310 tractor, weighing close to 10 tonnes, to use as a controller to play the new Farming Simulator 22 videogame from GIANTS Software.

Known previously for converting all manner of objects to use as controllers in popular videogames, including a baguette, a pomegranate and even a microwave, Mr Beck turned his focus to creating a world-first “Tractroller”. Through some rewiring and manipulation, the Case IH Magnum 310 is now a fully-functioning game controller. Sitting inside the tractor’s cab, on a working farm outside of Delfield on the South Island, Mr Beck has been streaming his attempts to more than 50,000 followers.

The Case IH tractor Beck is using to play the game is a new addition to Farming Simulator’s roster of more than 100 brands and more than 400 genuine farming machines. Speaking on the Trans-Tasman Tractroller partnership, Mr Beck said working on building a tractoller has been an absolute dream since he turned his old Honda into a controller to play a racing game years ago.

Five Star Games (the game’s Australian distributor) managing director Darren MacBeth said Mr Beck has been creating some of the most out-there controllers since time immemorial. Having launched globally on 22 November, Farming Simulator 22 was created by Swiss publisher and developer GIANTS Software with an eye on creating the most realistic farming simulation possible. More than 1.5 million copies of the game had sold merely days after the launch.

Beginning in 2008, Farming Simulator now boasts a massive global following of dedicated gamers and farmers alike, a global convention and even an Esports league. The game has sold more than 25 million versions worldwide. Players of Farming Simulator 22 have access to a huge variety of farming operations focusing on agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry.