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Almond Harvesting Jobs in Australia

Almond Harvesting Jobs in Australia


Almond Harvesting Jobs in Australia

Australia is the second-largest exporter of almonds! However, this feat was not achieved overnight. The origins of the almond crop occurred in Adelaide Hills and the industry expanded into the South Australian Riverland. Almond harvesting is totally dependent upon the variant of the nut. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, almonds in Australia are harvested from February to April. Harvest should begin when about 95 per cent of the nuts have hulls that have split open to expose the in-shell almond inside. Hull split begins at the top of the tree and progresses downward. However, late harvesting of almonds significantly reduces crop productivity and lowers the nut quality, while shortening the storage period. It is also important to keep the tree well watered up to the time of harvest since the hulls will not split well if the tree is water-stressed.

Job Opportunities

The annual Australian almond harvest opens the doors to a great range of career options for those who are looking for farm jobs. Even though it is a short and intense season, it offers great rewards for those who diligently complete the tasks assigned to them. These positions are available for Australian residents, grey nomads, backpackers and visa holders.

Which Roles are Available?

The busy harvest season usually runs from three to six months. Even though the tasks are intensive, the pay is extremely favourable, and there is a wide range of roles available for the candidate to select from. In fact, skilled employees who perform well may even be offered permanent opportunities for the upcoming harvest seasons. Some of the positions that are available are:

  • Farm Hands
  • Hand Harvesters
  • Pruners
  • Tractor Drivers
  • Sanitisation Staff
  • Supervisors
  • Loader/Operators
  • Forklift Operators
  • QA Officers

During the harvest season, employees are asked to work on rotational shifts that are rostered. The farms operate 24/7 and workers are offered 12 hour shifts. This routine is usually followed till the season ends.

Character Attributes of a Successful Almond Harvester

Those individuals who are capable of working in dusty and extreme conditions will be successful during the harvest season. Moreover, workers must be free of any physical ailments including allergies and asthma. Since the season is a short one, the timings are intense, and thus workers need to perform at their optimal level during their whole shift. Additionally, the almond harvesting season is a dynamic one, so it is crucial to understand that the shift can change at any season.

Some of the major requirements are:

  • Physical fitness and ability to work flexible shifts
  • Committed performance throughout the season
  • Free from dust allergies and asthma
  • Dedicated to the safety of team members
  • Able to pass all standard drug tests

Therefore, if this is something that resonates with you, be sure to register for the upcoming almond harvest!