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Unique Australian Delicacy Celebrated

Unique Australian Delicacy Celebrated


Unique Australian Delicacy Celebrated

Perfection Fresh has been selling exceptional, Australian grown fresh food, including the much-loved Qukes® Baby Cucumbers, for over 43 years. Three Three’s is a 5th generation, family-run Australian business that was founded in 1919. They create and distribute a variety of high-quality condiments, spreads, pickled veggies, and sauces. Three Three’s aim to create a premium variety of pickles utilising Australian grown fruit, which previously didn’t exist on mainstream supermarket shelves, led to the collaboration between two family-run Australian businesses. It has allowed Perfection Fresh Qukes® to make better use of the complete crop – certain baby Qukes® grow in different shapes and sizes, and while the produce isn’t defective, it doesn’t fit into the traditional pack designs.

“Three Threes has proudly offered the best condiments to Australian consumers for over 100 years,” stated Tim McAlpine of Three Threes. It would not have been feasible without the devotion and hard work of Australian farmers. Perfection Fresh is a great illustration of this, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with another Australian family-run business that strives for consistently high-quality food. It’s a new cooperation, but both families see a lot of potential in working together in the future!” This cooperation allows Perfection Fresh and Three Three’s to incorporate Qukes® as part of the new McAlpine Signature Range, rather than wasting perfectly fine food. It’s a great example of crop usage and environmental sustainability, and it’s helping to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

“We’re continually looking for methods to minimise food waste across our supply chain,” Perfection Fresh CEO Michael Simonetta said. This collaboration with Three Three’s helps us reach our sustainability goals while also providing consumers with a new way to enjoy Qukes®.” With dill and peppercorns, this assortment of dill-flavored Australian pickles has a bright, biting flavour. They’re a healthy and delicious addition to burgers and wraps because they’re made with very little sugar. Hence, they are perfect for summer BBQs and entertaining.

The new Three Three’s McAlpine pickles range is available on the shelves of Woolworths and Coles supermarkets. There are three products in the range – the first being the Australian pickled “dill” flavoured featuring Qukes® baby cucumbers. Other products in the range include Australian Gherkins Sweet Sliced and Australian Chilli Gherkins.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)