Get on Board for the 2024 Almond Harvest!

Get on Board for the 2024 Almond Harvest!

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Want to participate in one of the biggest harvest opportunities? Then, apply for the 2021 almond harvest! This event offers a hoard of jobs not only for Australian residents, but it also provides options for visa holders, grey nomads and travellers Needless to say, this season is a great way to earn a commendable amount of money.

Overview of Almond Harvest

Australia is currently the second-largest producer and exporter of almonds. Most of the nation’s almond orchards are situated near the Murray River in the southern part of the country. Moreover, another almond hub is located in the rural region of Victoria. Australia produces over 6,000 tonnes of this nut every year. In fact, it is estimated that Australia will grow over 100,000 almonds in 2021! This is definitely a new record for the nation. The harvest season begins in February and is active all throughout the months until April. Since the season is short, it is a wise decision to enrol yourself early in order to secure your desired position.

Roles to Pursue

Every almond harvest season is different from the other. This work is extremely extensive while it lasts. However, the pay is also commendable. In fact, many skilled candidates may even secure a permanent position if their ability shines through. Some of the designations that are up for grabs include:

  • hand harvesters
  • pruners
  • farm hands
  • machine operators
  • tractor drivers
  • loader operators
  • supervisors
  • forklift operators
  • QA officers
  • packaging and dispatch staff
  • sanitisation crews

Harvesting season runs 24/7 until it comes to an end. Hence, there are rotational shifts available that are run through rosters.

Candiates we Require

In order to successfully fulfil the job role, we require workers who are not suffering from any physical ailments and are free from asthma and allergies. Also, they need to fit in order to work long hours. It is important to note that flexibility is of utmost importance because duty hours and responsibilities can change at any moment. Hence, join Orchard Tech for a successful season.


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Get on Board for the 2024 Almond Harvest!

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