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Ausmix Feed Mixers Raise the Efficiency Level of Farmers

Ausmix Feed Mixers Raise the Efficiency Level of Farmers


Ausmix Feed Mixers Raise the Efficiency Level of Farmers

Article by: Hari Yellina

Feed mixers are being purchased by farmers and lot feeders across Australia, resulting in an increase in sales for one Australian manufacturer. Ausmix is based in Wodonga, Victoria, and designs and builds feed mixers. Mitch Maquire, a NSW feedlot operator, was looking for a way to increase capacity when he chose to try Ausmix’s XL32 twin-screw trailed equipment. Mr Maquire said he proposed trialling the machine and offering input on its potential for feedlot companies because it is popular in dairies. At Tamworth, Mr Maquire sells roughly 10,000 head of cattle per year. “We use a very dense ration – 70% odd grain – and we had a deal with Ausmix a long time ago to achieve that strength and mixing capability,” he explained.

“We run tempered grain, bringing it from 10-12 percent arrival moisture to 19-21 percent arrival moisture, which adds solidity and roughness to the mix.” “We add a lot of moisture, including molasses-based liquid supplement, almond husk, and straw – it provides a very dense and heavy friction ration – it’s a whole different story than a big bulk load of hay, or 20-30% grain plus a little hay and silage.” Mr Maquire told Ausmix that he would be loading 12 to 14 tonnes into the machine, equivalent to a grain cart, and that he wanted to be sure nothing would break.

“We requested tighter tolerances on the doors and the augers’ cutting ears, small gaps surrounding the planetaries at the bottom, and heavier planetaries with grain in mind.” He explained, “We put the elevator on scales and added a liquid delivery system.” “With the Ausmix, we can feed at least twice as many cattle each day in the same run as we could before.” “Compared to the smaller mixers we’ve had, it’s a tremendous difference for us; it’s definitely saving us 2.5 to 3 hours a day for the same operation.”

Farmtech Machinery, Ausmix’s sibling firm, is owned by the Modra family and is a well-known importer and producer of cultivation and fodder conservation equipment. The company is no new to the feed mixer and waggon industry, having imported names such as Penta and Jeantil for the past decade. Ausmix, on the other hand, was founded in response to a growing need for equipment that were specifically developed for Australian operations. The Fibre-X vertical tapered auger on Ausmix machines was developed specifically for Australian feeding programmes. It cuts fibre with razor-sharp blades to improve mix properties, giving animals a nutritional advantage in terms of productivity and herd health.

The outputs and consistency of the Fibre-X have been confirmed by the Penn State separator test. Single, twin, and triple auger machines in trailed and truck-mounted variants, with capacities ranging from 8 to 45 cubic metres, are available from Ausmix. The 20mm auger and floor plate, 10mm tub walls, and three distinct types of heat-treated tungsten carbide cutting knives are used in all Ausmix versions. Premium gears are used in the drivetrains to fit the harsh circumstances experienced in the Australian livestock market. Planetary drives work in tandem with the Fiber-X auger to rip through large bales with ease and consistently mix all fodder types, including high forage/fibre or grain rations. Two-speed gearboxes direct the mixer’s powerful processing as well as effective cleaning, enhancing feed quality and saving time. Ausmix can be ordered with short or long flip-up elevators to fit troughs, bunkers, and paddocks, as well as to feed over obstacles or into higher receptacles such as self-feeding bins.