JUN02th 2019

Australian products are quite popular on the Chinese market

Australian products are quite popular on the Chinese market

Australian products are quite popular on the Chinese market. The quality is high and transport is quite fast because of the relatively short distance between China and Australia. In February Australian cherries and grapes were entering the Chinese market. For now the grape season is over and David Yang from Royal Fresh International Pty Ltd explains how the last season went: “The grape season has been at a very stable high price level this year. Due to the hot weather in Australia, the season started earlier and it was very hard to get color on the grapes.”

“Because it was harder to get some color on the grapes, the volume which met China’s quality requirements, was much less than the year before. There was still some very good quality fruit available, but overall there was not enough supply for this year. The most popular variety for the Chinese market is the Crimson variety. Although other countries also have the Crimson variety available in the same period,  Chinese consumers would always prefer Australian Crimson, because these are very sweet and crunchy.”

The Australian orange season is now starting as well, and: “Just like the grapes, the Australian oranges were also affected by the hot weather in summer. This year the size of the oranges is generally a bit smaller than usual and some of them are sunburned. In the Chinese market, the Washington variety is very popular. We are not sure when the first Australian oranges will reach the Chinese market, but it has been said that one big citrus company's first container will arrive to China in two weeks time and it will be the early variety: Navelina.”

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