OCT12th 2018

Strategic Investment Plan- As a development process for Almonds

The Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) was developed by the Australian Almond Industry through a four stage process. Pre-planning activities included review of relevant literature, analysis of past investments, preparation of an industry profile, engagement with the SIAP and Industry Representative Body – Almond Board of Australia and formulation of a consultation strategy with ABA’s assistance. The SIP development team had its first meeting with the SIAP in Mildura on June 14, 2016.

Literature review focussed on the Australian almond industry Strategic Plan 2010-15, the Australian Almonds Strategic R&D Plan 2011-16, the Statement of Almond Industry R&D Priorities 2017-21 prepared by the ABA (ABA 2016) and Almond Insights 2015-16. Preparation tasks included gathering input and data to inform the SIP, completion of an environmental scan and review of consumer and retailer trends and a scan of innovative technology relevant to the almond industry. Initial strategic engagement and consultation was completed with large and small almond growers, processors, marketers and researchers. Individuals contacted included members of the SIAP, ABA Board and ABA Committees including Production and Marketing, key researchers and pollination supply and pollination R&D specialists. An online version of the consultation survey was posted on SurveyMonkey and notification of the opportunity to contribute was made through the ABA Newsletter.

Early insights on the SIP were presented to the Almond Industry Conference, Pullman Hotel Melbourne, on November 10th, 2016. A discussion paper was distributed to conference attendees wishing to contribute to direction setting. Subsequent SIP execution and validation included a SIAP/ ABA Board workshop to review priorities. The workshop was held in Don’s Room Mildura Grande Hotel, on November 18, 2016. Workshop objectives included review of investment demands as described in a Discussion Paper circulated on October 7, 2016; agree priorities for investment; estimate benefits to growers from investment in each research need; and generation of data for use in a benefit cost analysis of each research need. The workshop confirmed levy investment priorities developed through comprehensive consultation. A draft almond industry SIP was prepared in late November. SIP preparation included formulation of strategy, testing of strategy using benefit cost analysis, preparation of a monitoring and evaluation framework, development or relevant summaries and a SIP Communication Plan.

Validation was completed through a range of subsequent forums in December 2016 and January 2017. The workshop confirmed levy investment priorities developed through comprehensive consultation.

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