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Workers News List

Pacific Workers Arriving From Samoa

In favourable news for New Zealand, around 2,000 Pacific workers are arriving in New Zealand. This will be considered as the first of Samoa’s 780 strong workers that are linked to the Recognised Seasonal Employment Scheme. Moreover, this group of workers have successfully landed in Auckland this week. Nevertheless, the rest of the group are […]


Table Grapes Back in Demand in Australia

Due to the labour shortage situation, a Victorian table grapes producer is forced to admit that the upcoming season may be tumultuous due to the weather change and labour shortage. However, due to the great demand, there are hoards of opportunities that are present. Orchard Tech has decided to keep supplying the table groups to […]


The Wrath of the Pandemic on Labourers

The future of stone fruit growers hangs in the balance due to the ongoing wrath of the pandemic. The stone fruit growers, located in Australia, are facing rigorous situations as they might have to pull out some of their trees to COVID 19. This because the ongoing pandemic is causing the air freight costs to […]


Strengthening the Banana Industry

“The newly introduced banana program will help to further the previous accomplishments achieved in this sector,” says Hari Yellina. It has been reported that the Queensland Government horticulturists are all set to announce a newly prepared National Banana Development and Extension program that aims to support the banana industry in these crucial and testing times. […]


Earnings in Australia (May 2020)

Purpose of the ABS Survey The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Average Weekly Earnings survey is put into place in order to analyze the level of average earnings in Australia at a particular point of time. Any alterations in the average weekly earnings may be impacted by any changes in the level of earnings per worker also […]


Jobs and Wages in Australia due to Covid19

Important Statistics Between the dates of 14th March 2020 and 11th July 2020, payroll jobs were cut down by 5.6 %. Moreover, the total wages also lessened by 4.8%. Crucial Dates before 11th July 2020 22nd March: The Australian Prime Minister informed the citizens regarding the Stage 2 lockdown modifications. They were then progressively implemented. […]


Labour Shortages due to Unavailability of Backpackers

One of the major industries that have suffered a significant blow due to COVID 19 is the agricultural field and its labour. In fact, the border restrictions that have been implemented because of this pandemic are causing an exponential decline in the number of active workers. Many backpackers, who are essential when it comes to […]


Plans to Curb Labour Shortages

In order to assess the labour requirements across the nation, AUSVEG, a pioneer in Australia’s vegetable and potato growing industry, is conducting studies in order to avoid the problem of labour shortage during the upcoming spring and summer harvests. This need for planning is required because the number of foreign workers has decreased due to […]


Farming Industry and its Vulnerabilities

According to recent data, the Australian horticultural farming domain employs about three percent of the country’s citizens. However, this field remains one of the most vulnerable ones out of all the professions. Moreover, these injuries are proof of the poor performance and judgment carried out by the agricultural personnel and the safety regulators. Agriculture and […]


SWP and the Large Companies

Many claim that Australia’s Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) is an aid program. However, this assumption is an incorrect one. This misunderstanding can severely affect how sending-country governments located in the Pacific and Australian regions conduct their roles under the SWP. The two schemes, namely SWP and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) are completely managed by the […]