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Piecework Rates in Australia

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Piecework Rates in Australia

In today’s times, there are a lot of negative speculations around the salaries and conditions for horticultural workers. Hence, a great amount of attention is paid to the piecework provisions of the Horticulture Award. It has to be acknowledged that wages based on productivity have always been a part of the horticultural world. Even though […]


The Wrath of the Pandemic on Labourers

The future of stone fruit growers hangs in the balance due to the ongoing wrath of the pandemic. The stone fruit growers, located in Australia, are facing rigorous situations as they might have to pull out some of their trees to COVID 19. This because the ongoing pandemic is causing the air freight costs to […]


Earnings in Australia (May 2020)

Purpose of the ABS Survey The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Average Weekly Earnings survey is put into place in order to analyze the level of average earnings in Australia at a particular point of time. Any alterations in the average weekly earnings may be impacted by any changes in the level of earnings per worker also […]


Jobs and Wages in Australia due to Covid19

Important Statistics Between the dates of 14th March 2020 and 11th July 2020, payroll jobs were cut down by 5.6 %. Moreover, the total wages also lessened by 4.8%. Crucial Dates before 11th July 2020 22nd March: The Australian Prime Minister informed the citizens regarding the Stage 2 lockdown modifications. They were then progressively implemented. […]


Workers in Jobseekers and Jobkeepers Extension

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s statement, delivered on 20th, July 2020, there are some modifications that have been made to the stimulus packages. Firstly, the payment for JobKeeper has now been extended due to the ongoing pandemic. This extension has been elongated till 28, March 2021. Both business and non-profit organization fall under this […]


Wages to Increase Soon in Australia

In an announcement welcomed by all industries, the Fair Work Commission has decided to increase the minimum wages by 1.75%. Moreover, this increase applies to workers of all wages; even those who avail their salaries from The National Minimum Wage. Since an award covers most employees, this increase in salary will apply to almost all […]