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Papaya Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

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Papaya Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Papaya is considered to be a tropical fruit that is abundantly found in Australia. The production of this fruit mainly occurs in the North of Australia and in some other regions in the Northern Territory. Statistics A total of 19,648 tonnes of papayas for produced this year. The total valuation was estimated at $31.8 […]


Passionfruit Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Introduction Passionfruit is a popular fruit in Australia that is predominantly grown in Queensland. Nonetheless, since they are subtropical plants, and their popularity, they may be grown in all parts of Australia. However, in colder areas, they need to be provided with a warm and sunny sheltered spot so that they are able to thrive […]


Selecting Quality Citrus Products in Australia

According to latest reports, there is an evolution that has occurredo f Unitec vision systems for selecting the quality of mandarins, clementines, oranges and lemons. Mandarin Vision 3, Orange Vision 3 and Lemon Vision 3 are the latest updates in the agricultural world. These systems are equipped with very high-tech camera equipment that assist in […]


Crop Yield to be Improved by Data Platforms

A unique and novel phenotyping platform will allow all farmers across the country to evaluate the performance of their crops. Moreover, they will be able to analyze the condition of the crops over a long period of time. The developers of this platform are of the opinion that this is technology that has never been […]


Australian Grapes Suffer Due to Chinese Customs Delay

Australian table grapes are troubled by delays in clearing Chinese ports. Growers and industry executives see this as another sign of worsening trade ties between the two countries. Relations worsened last year after Canberra accused China of meddling in domestic affairs. They cooled even more when Australian PM Scott Morrison sought an independent inquiry over […]


A Flourishing Persimmon Season Amidst the Pandemic

The season of persimmons commenced mid-march in the state of Victoria. It is predicted that it will run up until the middle of May. According to experts in the industry, the crop is looking better than ever. Since the rainfall was steady and the weather conditions were pleasant, the fruits blossomed into an awesome colour. […]


Purchases of Apples and Pears Declined in February

In the four weeks¬†that led up to February 4 2021, the take home fruit category saw a decline of 7.6% in dollar sales, while volume sales went down by -6.5%, when compared to the previous year. ApplesApples saw a huge decrease by 6.3% in dollar sales and 15.4% in volume sales, driven in part by […]


Fruit Flies to be Released in South Australia

The South Australian government will release close 100 million sterile fruit flies from the sky in an attempt to try and eradicate the pests that are currently harrassing numerous suburbs. The Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) flies will be set free from a low-flying airplane across 11 outbreak areas across metropolitan Adelaide and Renmark. The program, […]


Growers of Citruses in Australia Concerned

According to latest reports, Australian growers and packers are extremely worried about hiring Pacific Islander seasonal workers. This is mainly done to help fill the labour shortage that has occurred due to the global pandemic. However, the law has now specified that these growers need to be placed in quarantine, adding to the costs of […]


Produce Being Wasted: Newest News in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic and labour shortages have had a “massive” impact on the already high levels of produce wastage, according to Australia’s leading research centre on the issue. Dr Steve Lapidge is the inaugural CEO of Fight Food Waste Ltd, which incorporates the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and Stop Food Waste Australia. He […]