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International News List

Table Grapes Back in Demand in Australia

Due to the labour shortage situation, a Victorian table grapes producer is forced to admit that the upcoming season may be tumultuous due to the weather change and labour shortage. However, due to the great demand, there are hoards of opportunities that are present. Orchard Tech has decided to keep supplying the table groups to […]


Pears Production in Australia (2019)

An interesting fact that may be unknown to many is that pears are not only a good source of fibre, but they also contain loads of Vitamin C that boosts the immune system. Moreover, pears are also known as pome fruit, and they belong to the Rosaceae family. This family includes other fruits such as […]


Pandemic Causes a Rise in the Demand for Oranges

Because of the deadly pandemic, the demand for citrus fruits is on the rise. Nevertheless, the peak prices have already been left behind, and the prices are now dropping to their normal levels. Moreover, the Southern Hemisphere is currently handling the production, while countries like Peru, South Africa, Chile and Australia are mainly exporting the […]


Pomegranate Imports from India Allowed in Australia

India pomegranates will soon be available in Australia’s fresh fruit market. Moreover, it is being reported that Australia has finally completed the import protocol for fresh pomegranate after going through the risk assessment procedure. Barry O’ Farrell, Australia’s high commissioner of India has stated that even though Australia already produces pomegranates, India is in a […]


Nashi Production and Growth in Australia (2019)

Overview Nashi fruit or Asian pears, in Australia, are produced mainly in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria. The majority of the production is reserved for the fresh market. Nonetheless, a small portion of these fruits are kept aside for the export market as well. Statistics As of 2019: The wholesale value of the fresh supply […]


Pomegranate Market’s Rise in Australia

According to the latest reports, the pomegranate trade has already started in the Northern Hemisphere. Moreover, this campaign is officially underway in the regions on Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. When it comes to North America, California has also begun harvesting this fruit. Earlier this year, the Southern Hemisphere had stopped the dispatch of this […]


Watermelon Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Watermelons are generally produced all across Australia. However, the majority of the amount is found in the northern states. Most of the fruit that is produced is saved for the fresh fruit market. Nonetheless, there is a small volume that is reserved for export. Statistics 228,809 tonnes of watermelons were produced throughout the year. […]


Muskmelons’ Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Muskmelons are a variety of fruit that houses two subtypes. One of these variants is rockmelons, whereas the other one is honey dew melons. Production of this particular type of melon occurs all across Australia. Thus, they are available all year-round for consumption. Statistics As of June 2019: In Australia, 34% of the citizens […]


Melons Production in Australia (2019)

Overview The melon industry brings in customers all year-round in Australia. Thus, this booming market is a favourite of Australian citizens. These quality melons such as watermelons, rockmelons and honeydew melons are typically used to provide sweet fresh treats. Moreover, they are also used in savoury recipes to enhance the taste. Predominantly, these fruits are […]


Mangoes Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Since mango is a tropical fruit, its production predominantly occurs in Northern Australia. The mango season starts in mid-November in Mareeba, early December in Dimbulah and mid-December in Central Queensland. Types of Mangoes The fruit harvest season comprises of a wide variety of mango types. The most common amongst them is Kensington Pride, which […]