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Mangoes Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

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Mangoes Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Since mango is a tropical fruit, its production predominantly occurs in Northern Australia. The mango season starts in mid-November in Mareeba, early December in Dimbulah and mid-December in Central Queensland. Types of Mangoes The fruit harvest season comprises of a wide variety of mango types. The most common amongst them is Kensington Pride, which […]


Cherries Production and Growth in Australia 2020

The Victorian cherry season usually commences in the first or second week of November. It then continues through January. The quality of this fruit is dependent upon many factors. These seasonal factors include frost, humidity, hail and rainfall. Hence, farm owners and staff need to constantly monitor and care for the crops during harvest season. […]


Strawberries Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Even though the strawberries are found mostly in the domestic market, this industry started expanding in 2017-18. Some of the countries that Australia has exported to are Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. This fruit is grown all across the country by about 500 growers. Nevertheless, the majority of production occurs in […]


Banana Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Introduction Bananas are primarily grown for commercial purposes in Australia. At the present moment, about 13,000 hectares of bananas are produced throughout the country. Moreover, a well-planned banana plantation needs to adhere to a few requirements. This includes suitable soil types, drainage structures, plant spacings and erosion control. In the earlier years, bananas were marketed […]


Australia Accepts Two More Mango Facilities for Export

According to latest statistics, approximately 12% (7000 tonnes) of the Australian crop is exported on an annual basis. Australia’s key export markets include Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The industry undertakes marketing in many of these countries to encourage demand of Australian mangoes. Currently, Australia is negotiating access for fresh […]


Agricultural Workers to Quarantine at Half Price in Hotels

According to the New South Wales government, it will be subsidizing half of the hotel expenditures of agricultural workers. This is done in order to boost the economy and fuel the horticultural domain. If recent data is properly analyzed, crop losses have exceeded the $52 million mark since last December. This is primarily due to […]


Australian Grapes Suffer Due to Chinese Customs Delay

Australian table grapes are troubled by delays in clearing Chinese ports. Growers and industry executives see this as another sign of worsening trade ties between the two countries. Relations worsened last year after Canberra accused China of meddling in domestic affairs. They cooled even more when Australian PM Scott Morrison sought an independent inquiry over […]


Trade of Potato Growers Amidst Deadly Pandemic

Fresh potato exports from January to December 2020 Coming up to the anniversary of the start of the global pandemic, total fresh potato exports have seen a slight increase in value and moderate decline in volume compared to 2019. Based on data from the Global Trade Atlas, there was a 5.1 per cent increase in […]


Overview of the Global Pear Market in Australia

The European pear market currently appears to be at a minor deadlock. There are talks of a difficult Conference season in the Netherlands. Other classic pear markets, such as Italy and Germany, are also dealing with an increased demand. A greater exception is France, where the pear market is still growing at a steady rate. […]


Berry Production in Australia vs. the UK

Growing Methods The berry growing apparatus between the two countries is quite similar. This is especially true in the region of Tasmania. Moreover, this is mainly due to tunnels. However, it should not be ignored that both regions have different climates. When it comes to strawberries, there are two recognizable growing seasons in Australia. This […]