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Imports News List

Popularity of Passionfruit and the Agricultural Industry

Passionfruit is a popular fruit in Australia that is predominantly grown in Queensland. Nonetheless, since they are subtropical plants, and thier popularity, they may be grown in all parts of Australia. However, in colder areas, they need to be provided with a warm and sunny sheltered spot so that they are able to thrive properly. […]


Australia and the Ginger Industry(2019)

Overview Australian ginger, though available all throughout the country, is widely produced in Queensland. Furthermore, processed ginger is oftentimes used in beverages in minced or candied form. However, the majority of these fresh imports to Australia are widely processed without entering the fresh supply chain. Most importantly, Fijian ginger has also been recently granted acess […]


Fresh Garlic Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Australia possesses a small but growing garlic industry. Nevertheless, most of the supply is accumulated by imports from other regions. The countries that provide the garlic supply are China, Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and the USA. This necessary vegetable can be identified as a close relative of onions, leeks and chives. When it comes […]


Capsicum Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Capsicums, also known as bell peppers, are grown in almost all states of Australia due to their popularity. However, the majority of the production occurs in the outdoors of Queensland. Nonetheless, capsicums are also being grown all year-round in high tech greenhouses in the southern states of Australia. Furthermore, capsicums possess an incredible prospect […]


Canned Fruit Production in Australia (2019)

Canned Fruit Overview Canned fruit is a complete combination of fruits that belong to various categories. They are predominantly pineapples, peaches and pears. Moreover, the majority of this fruit is found within Australia within close proximity to the canning processors. Moreover, the Canned Fruits Industry Council of Australia has been established to look after the […]


Dried Tree Fruit Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Dried fruits, other than plums, can be identified as a combination of dried fruits that hail from different categories. However, these fruits are predominantly summer fruits. These fruits have become immensely popular in Australia over recent years. However, in recent times there is a debate that has been fuelled around this edible item. While […]


Olives Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Olives are a common fruit that is grown in all major states of Australia. However, the majority of production is grown in Victoria. Almost all of these fruits that are grown in Australia are for olive oil production. Both of these forms are popular in Australia. Since the olive tree can survive for thousands […]


Prunes Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Plums that are grown for drying purposes are known as prunes. Hence, these are the byproducts of extremely dried plums. Prunes are a type of fruit that is extremely popular in Australia. Not only do prunes improve vision, but they also contain many qualities to improve declining heart conditions. Hence, this fruit is a […]


Dried Grapes Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Raisins are a type of grape that has been dried for around three weeks. Grapes darken as they dry, which gives raisins their dark brown colour. A range of grape varieties is used to make raisins. The size, taste and colour depend on the type of fruit that is used. This fruit is primarily […]


Apricots Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Apricots are a type of fruit that has gained a lot of popularity in Australia over the years. Not only are they a good source of vitamins A and C, but they also aid the body to repair any damaged tissues. Moreover, apricots are extremely rich in dietary fibre. These fruits are best grown […]